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Earn up to $65 with the BlueHost Affiliate Program.

For most people, Bluehost is the number one web host because it is not only an official web host recommended by WordPress, but it is also supported by more than 2 million websites worldwide. It also offers an affiliate program that can help you earn huge income from $65 per sale.

Another reason for promoting Bluehost hosting may be that it has one of the best tracking systems in which every click is truly tracked, so you will be paid for each successful recommendation.

In addition, Bluehost affiliates may use affiliate links on any website, blog, email or other platform to promote them. Therefore, the more websites and social media content you have, the more likely your clicks will result in conversions.

Although the best way to promote Bluehost is through content you own and create, some affiliate marketers can generate sales through Google AdWords. However, Bluehost does not allow affiliates to bid on brand keywords, trademark terms, or use the Bluehost name in ad copy or descriptions. If you can be creative and design web hosting ads while complying with these terms, you may successfully generate new membership income through PPC. However, the cost per click is competitive, and starting from focusing on generating organic traffic, the return on investment will be higher.

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