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Earn money with the HostGator Affiliate program, sign up is fast and easy. You can earn up to $125 per new signup. Simply put the affiliates links on your site and receive a commission per qualifying signup! You will have access to a dozens of affiliates banners to help you to promote this web hosting affiliate program.

Partnering with HostGator is a win-win: we get more business, you get more cash. And to make your side of things incredibly easy, we've spent a couple decades building up a reputation that speaks for itself.

On top of that, a partnership with us means enjoying a generous pay structure. For example, let's say you were to send 21 signups our way in a given month. Taking a look at the chart on the right, that's $125 x 21… equaling a whooping $2625! Not too shabby for just displaying an ad on your site.

What is the affiliate application process?

The application process is fairly quick, easy and FREE!

Hostgator aim to approve applications after a manual review in about 48hrs during normal business hours/non-holidays.

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