Questrade Affiliate Program

Last update 29 January 2021, published the

Become a Questrade affiliate! Canada's fastest growing online brokerage

Cost Per Acquisition

With the Cost Per Acquisition option, you’ll receive a set fee which is based on how many of your referrals open a new self-directed account. $70 for every referred customer

Revenue Share Plan

With the Revenue Share Plan, you’ll receive an ongoing payment based on the trading volume of your referrals. 7.5 % from every trade commission generated

Earning potential with sub-affiliates

When you refer new affiliates on the Cost Per Acquisition plan, you will earn $10 for every new account your sub-affiliates refer. On the Revenue Share Plan, you receive 1.5% of commissions generated by your sub-affiliates referral.

Refer a friend

You can use this simple referring system. Get $25 for every friend who opens an account and get $50 bonus for every third referral.

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