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SaferVPN Affiliate Program, enjoy the best commission rates in the market as you promote the fastest, easiest VPN service on the web. Boost your site’s revenue, with minimal effort required from our apps to browser extensions,

Best Commission & High Conversion
They offer recurring commissions for their affiliates, while their high conversion rates maximize your site's earnings.

Trusted, High Demand Product
Easily earn top commission rates by promoting the best VPN service on the web. SaferVPN reputation as tech industry leaders makes it easy profit while offering a trusted service.

New Marketing Materials Added Every Month
SaferVPN cutting edge design team is dedicated to providing top quality, highly appealing marketing tools to keep your content fresh for maximum conversions.

Get the Support You Need to Succeed
SaferVPN offer dedicated assistance from experienced affiliate managers. When you have questions, or need help of any kind, SaferVPN are here for you.

Special Offers for Top Affiliates
SaferVPN supports your promoting efforts with great offers to increase your earnings.

How Much Can You Earn?
Affiliates who promote SaferVPN enjoy the highest commissions in the VPN market. Their flexible commission structures unlock your earning potential, while keeping it easy to make reliable earnings every month. How does it work? It’s so simple! Your customer registers for SaferVPN basic, annual or bi-annual package, and no matter the price, you’ll earn:

  • Monthly Offer: $14 New Sign-Up – 30% Renewal
  • Yearly Offer: $37 New Sign-Up – 30% Renewal
  • Bi-Annual Offer: $45 New Sign-Up – 30% Renewal

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